3 drinks you must try in Barcelona.


3 drinks you must try in Barcelona

Today I’m gonna recommend you 3 drinks you must try in Barcelona. Also I want to share with you travellers, 3 local bodegas where I go.

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  • Vermut: the local drink you need to try in Barcelona

First drink you must try is Vermut. This is why I come – almost everyday – to “Cala del Vermut”.


Vermut is not only a local drink in Barcelona but it is also a moment. A moment we share with our friends, so it doesn’t mean we have to drink specifically Vermut, but any alcoholic drink.

Vermut is something we do before lunch or dinner. It’s like an appetiser. The brand Martini is a vermut and it can be used to prepare a lot of cocktails. Although it’s commonly dark, actually it’s made from white wine! And the black colour comes from the Caramel & a mix of different kinds of herbs. Each bodega have their own recipe, so each vermut you try in Barcelona will taste different. Definitely add Vermut to the list of the 3 drinks you must try in Barcelona!

We also have different types of vermut in Catalunya, some of them are very sweet and other very dry, spicy and bitter. Depending on your taste, your choice! I would pair it with olives but this is just my personal taste.

Travellers, vermut is super cheap, we are talking about 5€ the bottle, so you can think about it also as a souvenir from Barcelona! 


Best souvenir in town? Join my photoshoot tours in Barcelona!


  • Cava

Let’s go to my next favourite place: Bodega Maestrazgo for the next of our 3 drinks you must try in Barcelona.



This is a third generation wine cellar in the old city of Barcelona and I love it! I recommend you to try everything here, but now it’s time for Cava. One of my favourite local drink to try in Barcelona.

You can find Cava all around Spain, not necessarily in Catalunya, but a fun fact is that the 90% of Spanish Cava is produced here in Catalunya, specifically in Penedes wine region.

What is Cava? Cava is actually a great sparkling wine. Some people say that Cava is a Champaign wannabe, but it isn’t true. The only truth is that we use the Champenoise method to make it. But we use different variety of grapes and they give us a totally different product. Also the Mediterranean climate influences the flavour. A BRUT NATURE, like the name says, it’s the most natural one. It doesn’t have any sugar. And if you compare the price of Champaign and Cava, the price is so much cheaper!

Another souvenir from Barcelona!


  • Wine

I want to recommend you another special place we like in Gothic neighbourhood, in Barcelona, which is fantastic! This is “Zona d’ombra” and they have amazing local wines from Catalunia..


Try a local white wine and a local red whine. You don’t need to be a sommelier or a wine maker to really enjoy wine.

You can try wines from the Penedès wine region which is located in Catalonia, North-East Spain. The Priorat wine region is famous due to the fact that most vineyards are built on scarily steep terraces that climb the hills and mountains and next to it we have Montsant wine region. Empordá is situated in the far north east of Catalonia. The breathtaking Costa Brava setting makes Empordà a truly unique place, linking the coast to the mountains. There’s still so much more to discover, so here you can take a chance and try others!

3 local drinks you must try in Barcelona by Pickapictour.


Well guys, hope you have enjoyed it, hope next time you come to Barcelona you invite me for a drink, or 2, or 3!

Hope you have enjoyed this local selection of places and drinks where we locals go in Barcelona.

Leave me your comments if you have other places to visit!

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