Bachelorette party in Barcelona

Notting better than a bachelorette photoshoot experience!

What a fantastic idea and how lucky you are, to have a girls trip to Barcelona. To be able to travel with your friends to another city. To spend quality time with them with the sole excuse of having fun. This must be celebrated, don’t you think?
What about taking back home the best souvenir in Barcelona?
A photo shoot session in Barcelona with the best local photographers + a walking tour around the most scenic spots of the city.

A bachelorette photoshoot tour around Barcelona…
…definitely the coolest thing to do in Barcelona with your friends!

If you are looking for things to do in Barcelona for your bachelorette party, Pickapictour allows you to pick the time of the day that best suits you. As a private friends photo shoot, you can also pick the places you would like to visit. You don’t need to have any kind of experience, we will make you feel super confortable and will actually make you forget about the camera!

Top places & locations for a bachelorette party photoshoot

Just for you to know, we have sunny days almost every day of the year! So we can go anywhere you want. We have a beautiful route around the old city of Barcelona, including Gothic quarter, Born & Ciutadella Park. We also offer a skip the line entrance to Park Güell, which is a must-see in Barcelona. And we have a selection of best parks & beaches if you love this kind of background.

Ideas for your bachelorette photography tour in Barcelona

We have bachelorette party photoshoots every month! So we know how it works, perfectly. Some girls love to dress-up, some wear costumes, some others come with casual outfit, some bring confetti or balloons, it’s all up to you. Make it special, we will make you have the best experience ever!

Main reason to book a photoshoot for your bachelorette party in Barcelona

To be honest, you won’t regret. 100% success stories with Pickapictour. Receive your images in a week time and be amazed by them or get your money back! Satisfaction guaranteed.