Fashion photoshoot in Barcelona

If you wish to have professional images of you with the breathtaking backgrounds Barcelona has to offer, we are here for you!

In our private fashion shootings in Barcelona, we can decide locations, outfits and also time can be set according to the best moments of the day: sunrise or sunset. Everything can be customised to your needs and taste.
Choose between beach landscape, hidden parks in the city, secret streets in the old city or our famous buildings such us Sagrada Familia or Park Güell from Gaudí.

Even though this kind of shooting sounds like only for professional models, we actually created it for anyone who wants to feel like a model and who want professional pictures of themselves in the city. No experience is needed, we will guide you through all the session to make you feel confident and spontaneous towards the camera.

If you love posed portraits or more candid shoots, we can adapt to your style and work on your final product. Also you will be able to choose your best images from the total of images from the camera, so in that way you don’t have to worry about the selection. It will be done just by you. Who better than you to decide, right?

Feel free to bring us any reference you have that you would like your photographer to know beforehand. The more examples you can give us, the better. It will help us create the exact atmosphere you are looking for. This is a good way to make your idea “visible” to us, to pick the right locations for example.

Also feel free to bring any other element you want in the pictures such us, balloons, confetti, paint, etc. All ideas are more than welcome! Let your imagination flow, we’ll do the rest!