Honeymoon photoshoot in Barcelona

Honeymoon photo shoot session in Spain!

If Barcelona is on your bucket list, you definitely need to save your honeymoon memories with a photo shoot session tour in town. Now that the stress is gone and the party is over, it’s time for you to relax. Wear your casual outfit and hire a honeymoon photographer in Barcelona to capture your vacation moments in front of the most scenic spots.

Hire a honeymoon photoshoot tour in Barcelona

What an amazing idea! It’s perfect because you won’t need to worry about your hair, your make-up or the dress You are now two travellers in Barcelona, enjoying life! You won’t even need to worry about gaining some extra new Spanish kilos with the great food we have to offer!

How to book a photographer in Barcelona for my honeymoon?

Pick our regular photoshoot group tour to meet other couples like you, or choose a private photo session just for you. Both are so much fun. The group tour are up to 6 people in which we get solo travellers, couples, friends and families from all over the world. If you are a shy person you may think a private tour is the best option but keep in mind that in the group tour, everybody is in the same situation and we help each other!

Main reasons to join a Photography tour in Barcelona during your honeymoon

Barcelona has sunny days almost everyday, which makes it amazing for a wedding destination photoshoot. Plus you will be getting the best souvenir you can get from Barcelona! Experience is not needed at all. We will tell you exactly what to do to look cool and candid even if you are afraid of the camera.

Your perfect honeymoon gift

Receive your images in a week time and take your time to pick your best ones from the total, once you arrive home. We also offer the express photo delivery service in 24 hours if you feel you can’t wait! You’ll love them!