Pre Wedding in Barcelona

Your pre wedding photoshoot in Barcelona!

For those who are getting married soon…
…take advantage of your trip to Barcelona and have a pre wedding photography tour! Join our photoshoots in Barcelona, get the best souvenir in town, learn about the city from a local & fill your wedding photo albums.

Top places for a pre wedding in Barcelona

We have different routes around Barcelona and also different times available. Some travellers choose to do the photo shoot session on a wedding dress and some others on a daily outfit. Some during sunrise or very early in the morning to skip the crowds and some prefer to sleep longer and book a photoshoot in the afternoon. Up to you! We adapt to everybody’s needs. If you love the beach, the mountain or old city, everything can be customised.

Why a pre weeding photo shoot with Pickapictour?

The coolest thing about photo shooting in Barcelona with Pickapictour, apart from getting professional pictures, is that we are local photographers. You will be able to walk along the city to places & corners you didn’t know. Spots you wouldn’t been able to find on your own. Plus we know the best lightning and the best angles because we do this everyday!

Choose your pre wedding photo shoot session style

We love candid shoots, so we’ll try our best to get you as natural and spontaneous as possible. We come from advertising and fashion photography so catching the authenticity and freshness of a couple is our main duty. For your peace of mind, we’ll talk before the photo session to make sure we are at the level of your expectations.

Why we recommend you to do a pre wedding photoshoot tour in Barcelona?

Because you can! Because you are here! Because the background is amazing and luckily we have sunny days almost all year all in Barcelona! Where else then?? Imagine yourself in front of a Gaudí gem! Isn’t it unique?