Wedding Proposal Photoshoot

Planning to propose in Barcelona!

Every time we receive a proposal photoshoot request service, we get goosebumps! Nothing more exciting than a marriage proposal in Barcelona! Usually our partners feel worried about all the details but it’s actually super easy with us.
If you are looking for romantic ways to propose in Barcelona, we definitely know how to surprise your half-orange.

How to plan a wedding proposal in Barcelona?

On one hand we care about the locations to propose in Barcelona, and on the other hand, we care about the moment.
We need an empty, clean, beautiful spot and we need the best light. Once we get it, we will tell you the cue, the signal for you to make the big step. For this, we will offer you our top locations for wedding proposals and in each case, we will tell you beforehand, exactly when to do it. We need to make sure light and background are the best, trust us!

Wedding proposal locations and ideas for a photo shoot

We have proposal ideas for everyone. For those who love the green, the parks, the little secret corners. For those who want to do it in front of everyone, for those who are super nervous and know they are going to cry instantly. For those adventurers who want to do it on a helicopter or on a balloon, or for those who need some glasses of wine before getting to it. Pickapictour goes everywhere!

Reasons to hire a proposal photoshoot with Pickapictour

We know exactly how important a moment like this means to you. And we want it to be perfect. Check our clients’ reviews, they truly show how seriously we take our job.

Receive your images in a week time or the next day, up to you! You will be able to choose them from the total of images from the camera. How does it sounds?! Isn’t it great? Feel free to use this images for your wedding invitations or wedding cards!