Best rooftops in Barcelona.

My favourite rooftops in Barcelona!

Hello travellers! Today I want to show you a selection of my favourite rooftops in Barcelona. Go and visit them in Summer or Spring for a cocktail. Enjoy the view, take incredible pictures of Barcelona skyline and listen to great music. Enjoy my list of favourite rooftops in Barcelona where I go with my friends!

Yurbann Hotel Rooftop in Barcelona

First rooftop in Barcelona is in the old city, in Born neighbourhood. The modern terrace of Yurbann hotel has a bar, a pool and amazing views of the city. Actually a 360-degree-view of the whole Barcelona. Located on the top floor of the building, it has in fact two rooftops. Perfect for cocktails or vermouths, spritz and gin and tonics. Also customer service is 10 stars.

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1898 Hotel “La Isabela” Rooftop in Barcelona

Next rooftop in Barcelona is right in the famous Ramblas. It’s 1898 Hotel and from here you can admire the skyline of Barcelona at any time of the day. Above all, perfect for sunset. Enjoy here a gourmet cocktail, amazing tapas, live music, and concerts. Here you will be able to enjoy probably one of the best breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. Even more? Yes! They create their own cocktails with their own recipes!

Museum of History of Barcelona Rooftop in Barcelona

Now it’s time for our next favourite rooftop in Barcelona, which is actually not a bar or a hotel. It’s the rooftop of the Museum of History of Catalunya.
The privileged location of the museum, in the Port Vell of Barcelona, makes the terrace an exceptional viewpoint. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the port, the mediterranean coast and Montjuic mountain in the background. It is accessed from the fourth floor of the building. You can also enjoy a cocktail here but to be honest, you don’t really need to buy anything to enjoy this view. In contrast with the hotels this is a free of charge viewpoint in Barcelona. Certainly this is a great choice!Hotel W Rooftop in Barcelona

Eclipse rooftop in Barcelona at W Hotel

Finally our last rooftop in Barcelona. It’s is located on the beachfront along the famous Barceloneta. Not really a rooftop, but it has great panoramic view over the Mediterranean if we go to the 26th-floor. Eclipse rooftop in W Hotel has incredible views of the Mediterranean sea because it is actually the nearest hotel to the beach. Due to this reason it’s also part of the skyline of Barcelona. Furthermore, downstairs of the W Hotel in Barcelona, you will find a lot of Bars. Also a swimming pool with many seats around, perfect for a glass of wine or a Cava!

Barcelona Rooftops by Pickapictour


We still have more, so stay tuned while we prepare our “Top Rooftops in Barcelona” second edition.

Hope you have enjoyed my list of best rooftops in Barcelona. Please leave me your comments down below if you have experienced other rooftops in the city.

See you in a Rooftop!

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