Family photoshoot in Barcelona

Best family photoshoot in Barcelona!

Looking forward to capturing your vacation family memories in Barcelona?

We have the most fun family photo shoot session to offer you! First of all because we are so used to dealing with children in our photo shoots. From new borns and toddlers to teenagers, we know how to adapt to everybody’s needs. We always offer private family experiences because of that reason. To be sure we will go at your pace. Stopping for breast-feeding, for an ice cream, or even for lunch which is something that usually happens when you have kids!

Coolest thing to do with children in Barcelona: a family photoshoot tour!

A photo shoot session with kids in a different city can be very exciting! We care so much about the spontaneity and because of this we have hundreds of games in our head to play with them in each spot. We want to capture your family having the most fun in Barcelona. No experience is needed at all. We will guide you on how to look natural and candid in front of the camera and we’ll do our best to make you forget about it.

What is it like to hire a family photo-shooting in Barcelona?

In every photo shoot we do in Barcelona, we want all of you to be protagonist. We will shoot family pictures with all of you together, some only of the kids, some portraits of each other and some romantic shoots for the couple, don’t you think? We want to give everybody taking part in the shoot, their special moment. So no worries, all of you will be the star!

Reasons to book a family photography tour in Barcelona

Stories about the city will be told and incredible secret places will be visited. Places you wouldn’t been able to visit on your own! Receive your images in a week time to your personal email and be able to choose your favourite ones from the total of images we get from the camera. Isn’t it awesome! Hire now your vacation photographer in Barcelona.