Friends Photoshoot in Barcelona

What a fantastic idea: A friend photoshoot for your getaway in Barcelona!

Gather with your soulmates, buy flight tickets, leave your city and let the fun start!
Now imagine a local photographer capturing those unique moments in Barcelona? I just can’t think of a better idea.

How long does a friend photo shoot last?

Our photo shoot sessions last around 2 hours and we offer, in summer, 4 available slots everyday. So it’s fine if you are with a hangover or if you want to sleep longer because you are on mini holidays, everything is understandable! Just pick the time that best suits you and let’s have fun. What happens in Barcelona, stays in Barcelona!

How does a photoshoot works for big groups of friends?

When you are a big group, we can go at your pace and we can stop for a drink, or do whatever you want. We will make it super fun of course, even if you are just 2 or 20! All of you will be the protagonist. Our Barcelona photographers can always shoot the group and also have some individual portraits of each other. You will all shine like diamonds! As no experience is needed for our photoshoot tours in Barcelona, we will tell you exactly what to do in front of the camera. even if you are looking for candid shoots or more posed ones, it’s up to you. We will walk, we will laugh, you will never forget about it!

Who will choose our images from our friends photo session in Barcelona?

As we know how groups can be, we will send you by email in a week time, all your images from the camera so that you can choose your favourite ones. We can send the same link to all of you, so that each of the girls has the opportunity to add their favourite ones to the list and we can easily deliver.

Is it only a friend photoshoot tour or will we also learn about Barcelona?

Prepare to laugh your socks off and join this super fun photography tour experience, in which not only pictures will be taken by a local but also all the story behind Barcelona streets. Learn about the places and be recommended the most local spots from a local. Can’t wait to have you here! Fun with Pickapictour is guaranteed!