Most instagrammable spots in Park Güell.

I love this park – damn it, I do! – Consequently, I have chosen the most instagramable spots in Park Guell not to miss in Barcelona and I can’t recommend it more. Go ahead and find out.


Certainly I feel it’s important to know beforehand and above all some good tips for your visit!

  • Buy your ticket in advance for the “Monumental Zone”. You will be given a specific time to get in – likewise Sagrada Familia -. Impossible to buy a ticket at the moment 🙁
  • Take a taxi or the bus to get there rather than the metro. It’s an up hill way and metro is a bit far away. Bus 24 stop right there.

I recommend you to visit the rest of the park as well, the part that is free of charge.

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Do you have any idea about Park Güell? I guess not. But don’t worry! That’s why I’m here.

Eusebi Güell, the owner of the land, became very close friend from famous architect Gaudí. For that reason, Güell assigned him the project of developing an estate for well-off families on a large property he had. Its location was unbeatable, with splendid views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea in the background.


So, let’s go through one of my instagramable spots in Park Guell not to miss in Barcelona.

  1. Hill of the 3 cruises. What an amazing place for a pic right?

The park was supposed to have 60 plots on the estate, with a network of paths, viaducts and steps. Gaudí built viaducts to travel through the park, wide enough for the carriages. Moreover, he tried to integrate these viaducts in the mountains in the most natural way possible.

Let’s go through the second of my instagramable spots in Park Guell not to miss in Barcelona.

2. Viaducts. Play with the rays of light!


As a matter of fact, we can clearly see the inspiration of Gaudi for the organic forms of nature. The mountain was absolutely bald, it was actually called the Bald Mountain, so he ordered to plant Mediterranean plants that did not require much water, that is why you will see a lot of palm trees.

Finally, they only got to build 3 houses:

  • The first person to buy a plot was a friend of Güell, a lawyer.
  • A show house to encourage sales was bought by Gaudí himself.
  • Eusebi Güell converted the old mansion that was already there, into his residence.
Let’s go inside the Monumental Zone with our tickets!
The main entrance of the Park Güell has two pavilions. The administration and the residence of the doorman. Also a dragon – or lizard – that in fact has become the most popular image of the park. And especially “La Sala Hipóstila” with 86 columnas which is the next of my instagramable spots in Park Guell not to miss in Barcelona.
        3. Sala Hipóstila. Don’t forget to catch the roof as well!
Now it’s time for the most popular spot. Maybe, the hardest one. Getting an empty picture there is probably, such a challenge!
4. Plaza de la Naturaleza. Try to get in the pic the two pavilions downstairs! 
Before leaving the zone, don’t miss the last of my instagramable spots in Park Guell not to miss in Barcelona.
5. El Pórtico de la Lavandera. Walk down the large wave made by inclined columns!

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So why only 3 houses out of 60? Well, it seems like the project didn’t work out – due to several reasons I’m not going to dig in right now, but you should find out yourself.

  • Since Eusebi Güell died, his heirs sold the park to the City Council. The Güell house was converted into a State school.
  • As a result, Gaudi’s house in Park Güell was opened to the public as a Museum.

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What do you think about my instagramable spots in Park Guell not to miss in Barcelona? Was it helpful?

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