One day in Barcelona, things to do.

One day in Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona in 24 hours.

If you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona at least one day, this is what you shouldn’t miss.

One day in Barcelona. Photoshoot tour by Pickapictour.

A good way to move around in town, for such a short period, could by the Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour in Barcelona. But nothing better than a local, for an honest recommendation.

Is the hop on hop off bus tour worth it for one day in Barcelona?

+ If you didn’t have time to read about Barcelona, you don’t have a clear idea what main attractions are, where to go and what to see, a good way to discover the city would be to sit and let yourself go by the Barcelona hop on hop off bus tour.
Sit on top of the bus and enjoy the good weather. If it’s raining maybe you’re going to need to sit inside, which will be a totally different experience. And if it’s summer and super sunny, don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat!

+ it also provides a guided tour, which I find very interesting and a brochure with all the stops.

+ It’s a great way to visit all important attractions throughout the city without getting tired. This way
you can only hop off in front of the attractions you like.

The bus is always in movement, you’ll have to hop off if you want to take good pictures.

  • First place you must visit if you spend only one day in Barcelona: “Sagrada Familia”

Sagrada Familia is the icon of the city. It is the most visited monument in Spain, welcoming more than three million visitors each year. Still under construction since 1882, made by the famous architect Gaudí. Hopefully it will be finished in 2026. It has 2 main façades and if you want to visit the inside you must book your ticket in advance, at least 1 day before if you don’t want to queue for hours. Buy the ticket online and visit this stunning wonder.

One day in Barcelona. Photoshoot tour in Sagrada Familia, Barcelona by Pickapictour.
  • Second place you must visit if you have only 24 hours in Barcelona is Park Güell

Every time I travel somewhere I’m always in the look for good view points. For photography I think
they are incredible. It also makes me realise how big a city is and how many interesting buildings
there are. One of my favourite view points, especially if you will be only one day in Barcelona, is the
one in Park Güell. Park Güell is another Gaudi gem and if you want to know how to visit this place,
watch my video: “Most Instagrammable spots you shouldn’t miss in Park Güell”. To visit the park we
need to buy tickets in advance. But to visit the view point is totally free, so don’t miss the hill of the 3

One day in Barcelona. Photoshoot tour in Park Güell, Barcelona by Pickapictour.

– With the Hop on Hop off bus tour you will go around, literally, ALL Barcelona attractions, even the ones you are not interested. And you will miss the hidden gems, secret corners and local spots because of being on the bus the whole time, BUT! Thanks God you found me! Join my tours around Barcelona here.

One day in Barcelona. Photoshoot tour in Barcelona by Pickapictour.
  • Finally, you cannot leave Barcelona without having visited Gothic neighbourhood.

Gothic neighbourhood is the place in Barcelona to walk with a camera. Just get lost in its alleys, try tapas & local drinks – I leave you here a link to one of my posts you don’t want to miss: “3 drinks you must try in Barcelona” -. Also find the famous Ramblas & Boquería market, Cathedral of Barcelona and all this beautiful spots I love that you will be able to see in my video!

Boqueria market Barcelona by Pickapictour
One day in Barcelona. Things to do in 24 hours. Boquería Market by Pickapictour.

Best souvenir in town? Let me take you through my secret corners and join my photoshoot in town!

One Day in Barcelona Things to do in Barcelona by Pickapictour2


+ In just 2 hours you can have a great idea of what Barcelona looks like. Great for just 1 day in Barcelona!

You’ll have to wait more or less 20 minutes for the next bus and you can only move around with the Barcelona hop on hop off, so your time will be subject to traffic jam. If you need to get somewhere else, you’ll have to use the public transport or a taxi.



In conclusion:

  1. If this is your first time in Barcelona.
  2. You don’t have any idea of the city.
  3. You will spend only 1 day in Barcelona or two.
  4. And you don’t want to walk a lot… this is your best option!


On the other hand:

If you already know about Barcelona, be aware that Barcelona is a very walkable city so you can do almost everything by foot or by metro which is not subject to traffic jam.

On your own, you will definitely need the help of Google maps to move around and you will need to figure out public transportation so I leave you here my post regarding GETTING AROUND IN BARCELONA.

One day in Barcelona. Things to do in Barcelona by Pickapictour

Hope you can make the most out of your trip to Barcelona for the day, leave me your comments below!


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