3 days in Barcelona by a local

What to do with 3 days in Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona. Different itineraries.

We already uploaded the 1 day Travel Guide around Barcelona, where we only got to see the basics. We took the hop on hop off bus tour but you can also follow the itinerary by feet.

Then we released the itinerary for 2 days in Barcelona by feet. You get to see more things than the basics.

But here you’ll get a 3 days itinerary where we can cover even more things or you can take the 2 days itinerary in a more relaxed way. Check it out and decide which one suits you best 🙂

And if it’s not your first time in Barcelona go ahead and also check the 4 days in Barcelona Travel Guide.

What to know before visiting Barcelona

Start your itinerary

And remember it doesn’t matter where you are, we always have a local restaurant recommendation in our Barcelona Travel Guide, that you can download it here. It’s offline! You don’t need wifi. You just open it and it recognise where you are 🙂

1) Visit Sagrada Familia

This will be always the first recommendation in all 3 itineraries, since you can’t leave Barcelona without seeing it. Even from the outside. This is the icon of Barcelona, created by Gaudi since 1882 and it’s still on progress.

A good tip from a local will be: Make sure it is a sunny day, to be able to see the rays of sunlight through the colored glasses in the inside. And of course guys, and listen to me, from a local in Barcelona, make sure to buy your ticket in advanced a couple of days before or even a week in advance as they are usually sold out. I told you! The visit last 1 or 2 hours and if you don’t feel like going inside, just stay outside and enjoy both views: The Passion side and the Nativity one.

Tip: If you really want to seize your day, wake up early for our Instagram Photo Shoot Experience 8am. We will visit the old city of Barcelona (Gothic & Born + Ciutadella Park + Arc de Triomf and by 10:30 am you’ll be at Sagrada Familia. You can buy tickets for that time and by midday you’ll have half Barcelona already seen.

Another tip: If you really want to visit Park Güell (Gaudi Park) you also need to buy your ticket online in advance. You can choose the day and time. You have 3 days, make sure it’s a sunny day since it’s a park.

If you want to know the best local places for lunch around this area, go ahead and download my Barcelona Travel Guide.

2) Since you have 3 days, you can choose when to do the following:

  1. Stroll along Passeig the Gracia/ La Pedrera/ Casa Milá/ Casa Batlló
  2. Getting lost in the Gothic quarter and the old city of Barcelona
  3. Go to the Beach
  4. Go to the Ciutadella Park & the Arc de Triomf
  5. Visiting Park Güell
  6. Camp Nou
  7. Go to Montjuic

According to distance between them, this is our suggestion:

After Sagrada Familia go and visit:

1) Passeig de Gracia/ La Pedrera /Casa Milá/Casa Batlló

If you choose to walk down to Passeig de Gracia, this is the most expensive avenue in Barcelona, where there are 2 other Gaudi buildings. La Pedrera or Casa Milá by Antoni Gaudi as well. You can buy your ticket right at the entrance or I leave you the link here if you want to collaborate with our blog. You can buy it through the link, it’s exactly the same price. Or just watch the house from the outside, up to you!

If you want to see what does the inside of La Pedrera looks like, click here.

Just some blocks away we have Casa Batlló, another Gaudi wonder, super worthy the entrance, and just like Pedrera, you can buy the tickets right there or online through my link at the same exact price!
If you want to see what does the inside of Casa Batlló looks like, click here.

2) Get lost in the Gothic quarter/ Plaça Catalunya/ Ramblas/ Boquería/ El Born

Just a few blocks from Passeig the Gracia and we are right in the heart of Barcelona, at Plaza Catalunya.
From here, we can take 3 different directions:
  • Walk down Ramblas, the most famous pedestrian street in the city and visit Boqueria which is the most famous market in town.
  • Do shopping in Portal del Angel street
  • Get lost in the old city of Barcelona: Gothic/Born & Raval, the three old neighourhoods. Gothic & Born are also amazing to visit at night. So staying in this area for the rest of the day would be my recommendation. So many restaurants, shops, souvenir shops, places to take photos, too much to see!
By this time, after you have seen all of this, you would probably be super exhausted, you’re gonna also spend some time having lunch, dinner, stopping for a glass of wine, a coffee, etc so I think we can call it a day.


If you finish your walk at the port vell, continue to Barceloneta Beach.
IF you finish your walk at El Born neighbourhood, better continue to Ciutadella Park

3) Go to Barceloneta Beach

A nice thing to do is to walk all along the seaside from the Port Olimpic till the Port Vell or the other way around. Going through Barceloneta neighourhood. It’s almost 2,5 kilometers. You can do it by feet or you can rent an ebike.
Tip: There’s a beautiful rooftop in that area, in the Museum of History of Catalunya. Take the elevator to the last floor. You can have a drink there 🙂
If you want to know the best local places for lunch around this area, go ahead and download my Barcelona Travel Guide.

4) Visit the Ciutadella Park & Arc de Tromf

This is the only central park we have in town. Check the lake, hire a boat, take a picture with the mammoth, go to the zoo, visit the green house, and take beautiful pictures in front of the Monumental Waterfall. Don’t forget to go to the top!
Right before or after the park, just stroll below the Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf 🙂

5) Go to Park Güell

Park Güell is far away from everything so you can go in the late afternoon or first time in the morning (if you have the tickets already)
Later you can stroll around Gracia neighbourhood. It’s amazing for vermut, dinner or lunch, beer, tapas & cocktails. Or you can go for Sunset to the Carmel Bunkers which is 20minutes away by bus or taxi.
If you visit Park Güell in the morning, then you can have lunch in Gracia and there’s also another Gaudi House in that area: Casa Vicens.

7) Visit Camp Nou

If you love football, of course. The visit last around 2/3hours and you can buy the ticket online or at the entrance.

8) Half day in Montjuic/Magic Fountain Night shows.

If you already saw everything, you can go and visit the Montjuic Mountain. There’s a complete guide on how to visit this montain you can check it here. But long story short, take the bus to the top of it, to the Montjuic Castle and walk down all the way towards the magic fountain. There are tons of gardens all through and the olimpic ring as well. You can spend there a couple of hours. You can go in the late afternoon in the summer to be able to enjoy the Magic Fountain Light and Sound Show at night. Check the shows timetable before!
And if you have time and it’s not your first time in Barcelona, go ahead and check the 4 days in Barcelona Travel Guide.
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