Barcelona City Pass, worthy?


Hello travelers!

I always want to be 100% honest with you guys, regarding what to do in Barcelona, what to buy and what to recommend you, so let me explain you why you should or you should NOT buy this Barcelona Digital Pass.

  • First of all, I think it’s important to know that this kind of Passes may be worthy when you want to visit many attractions all together, so if this is your first or second time in Barcelona, you can start considering buying this card.
  • You can now go ahead and read or watch in Youtube “First time in Barcelona” or “1 day in Barcelona”or “2 days in Barcelona” to have an idea of what main attractions are to make sure you got them covered by this Pass.


What does the Barcelona Pass include?

1 DAY 86.5€ / 2 DAYS €95.50

  • Sagrada Familia: Your must-see in Barcelona
  • Park Güell with audio guide: Another must-see! It includes an audio guide app with 10+ points of interest for a self-guided tour of Park Güell.
  • Hop-on Hop-off Bus Barcelona: If you have time, this bus is a nice idea. You can have a great idea of what Barcelona looks like. There are 3 routes.  Be aware that you can spend the whole day on the bus if you do the 3 of them. There’s a lot of traffic jam in the city. And the average waiting time for the next bus is between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • Barcelona Audio Guide: Audio guide app with 100+ points of interests in the city
  • 10% discount on other Barcelona attractions


It says Sagrada Familia fast track, well now all tickets are fast track likewise Park Güell.


How much would you spend if you do it on your own?


  • Sagrada Familia: Check the official site of Sagrada Familia, the cheapest ticket with Audioguide is 26€
  • Park Güell: Check the official site of Park Güell, the cheapest ticket without audioguide for Adults is 10€ or 22€ guided tour.
  • Hop-on Hop-off Bus Barcelona: There are 2 companies for this bus. Barcelona Bus Turistic & Barcelona City-tour. Adult 1 day 28€2 days 38€
  • Barcelona Audio Guide: You can get my Barcelona Travel Guide with Audio & many itineraries by neighborhood. Download it here!

26€ Sagrada with audio guide + 10€ Park Güell on your own + 28€ 1 day hop on bus = 64€ 

26€ Sagrada with audio guide + 22€ Park Güell with guided tour + 28€ 1 day hop on bus = 76€

Why should I buy the Barcelona Pass?

  • The 10% discount on another experience can be a reason.
  • Park Güell audio guide is not offered in the park. Only guided group tour.
  • It’s easy. When you buy the Pass, everything is sorted out easily and fast. You don’t have to go to the website of each attraction, choose date, time, etc.
  • I haven’t tried the Barcelona Audio Guide yet so I can’t recommend it.


Conclusion: If you decide to buy the Barcelona Pass, you will be paying 10/20€ extra per ticket than if you do it on your own.

The Pass includes 2 audio guided tours that you wouldn’t get on your own. That’s the price difference.

Plus, it’s super fast and easy to buy it on their website, you don’t need to go to the website of each attraction, choose date, time, etc.

It just simplifies your holiday.

If you want to buy it, no commissions, you can click here and do it through this link. You will be helping me earn some money, in case this blog was useful for your trip.
Thank you traveler!
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