Things to do in Barcelona during September

Barcelona in September. Things to do.

If you are wondering when it’s the best time of the year to come to Barcelona, let me tell you that my favourite months are: May, June, September & October.

September in Barcelona

Why should I visit Barcelona in September?

  • Because the weather is still sunny and warm, specially if you will be visiting the balearic islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera)
  • High season is over, holidays for the locals are over, so let’s expect better prices in accommodation and plane tickets.
  • The city will be a bit less crowded, still be aware of pickpockets!
  • Great time of the year for beautiful colourful landscape

What’s the weather like in September in Barcelona?

  • Expect temperatures between 20º-25ºC (68º-77ºF).
  • Expect also some rainy days
  • Generally it will be mostly sunny and warm. Not as warm & humid as in Summer, which is awesome, and the closer to August you are, the more chances you’ll get to enjoy the beaches.
  • Expect the weather to be a bit cold at night. Jacket may be needed!
  • Sunrise is at around 7am and sunset at around 8pm

What to pack and what to wear in September in Barcelona?

  • Weather is a bit crazy in September. We have sunny warm days and sometimes cold nights, also maybe some rain during the day, so basically this is the time of the year in which we literally we don’t know what to wear.
  • You will have to take with you a shawl, a light jacket, sunglasses, a pair of shorts, dresses & a pair of pants as well, don’t forget the the flip flops!
  • Pack for summer but bring a little of Autumn just in case 🙂

What to do in Barcelona in September?

La Mercè Festival “Barcelona’s Festa Major”

Human Castles, La Mercé
  • The most important event happening in Barcelona in September is La Mercè Festival “Barcelona’s Festa Major”. The virgin of La Mercè is the patron saint of the city. sIn less than a week Barcelona brings together a huge programme of events which forces you to choose between them: street arts, street processions, concerts, traditional dances, and much more. The most traditional activities of the Mercè Festival are, in fact, a compendium of popular culture from all over Catalonia: the Sardana, the human castles and the correfocs or fire run. Don’t miss the Parade of Giants (Els Gegants) & check the Portes Obertes itinerary, many buildings will open for free. To culminate this festival, admire the fireworks at the beach!
  • Other festivals going on in September:  Barceloneta’s Festa Major – September 29 / Poble nou’s Festa Major – September 9
Correfocs (Fire Runs) La Mercé, Barcelona


  • BAM —Barcelona Acció Musical— a festival within La Mercè. Its purpose is to discover emerging talents from all kinds of music from Catalonia and the world.


Diada “National Day of Catalunya

  • It’s a day-long festival in Catalunya celebrated annually on 11 September. It commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the subsequent loss of Catalan institutions and laws. Mass demonstrations take place, for those claiming for the independence of Catalunya from Spain. 

Brunch in the park

  • Brunch in the park, is an outdoor event where you will find a good atmosphere, shaded areas and areas with tables to take a break between dance and dance. Enjoy the sun, the summer and the best electronic music at the best open air party in Barcelona. Our purpose is to bring together lovers of electronic music, both international artists and those from the national scene. We want you to be able to enjoy great sessions in daylight, without having to stay up all night, that’s what our format is based on. Festivals are fantastic places to enjoy with friends, but we have another added concept, family friendly. Here the children will enjoy as much as you.

Festival extreme Barcelona

  • Extreme sports & high levels of risk is what you will find in this International Action Sports and Urban Lifestyle Festival. It’s two days full of stunned gasps, holding your breath, and relieved, thunderous applause.

Sopar amb estrellas (Dinner under the stars)

  • During the nights of the summer months, the Fabra Observatory organises a unique experience thanks to the fusion of gastronomy, astronomical observation and popular science. From 3 June to 2 October you will have the opportunity to experience it in a space located 400 metres above the metropolis.

Barcelona Rooftops

  • September weather makes it ideal to go out at night. It’s not hot like hell like in July & August, it’s actually cooler at night, so bring a light jacket and go to a rooftop to enjoy amazing views of Barcelona, live music, djs, tapas & delicious cocktails. Don’t miss Casa Batlló & Casa Mila rooftops! Check my video “Best rooftops in Barcelona – Part I”. 

L’Hora del Jazz

  • It is an initiative of the Catalan Association of Jazz and Modern Music Musicians (AMJM), set up to promote the activities and the music of its members and to create this festival to acts as a showcase for the Catalan jazz scene. The day-time concerts, normally at midday on Sundays, are held in Plaça Rius i Taulet, in the Gràcia neighbourhood in Barcelona. The night-time concerts are held in various clubs around the city, such as Monasterio23 Robadors or Jamboree.

Best time to visit Islas Baleares or Costa Brava

  • If you want to enjoy empty beaches, go to Balearic Islands in September (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera). Get cheaper flights after the high season (July/August), cheaper accommodation & what’s more, enjoy the islands with so much less people. With Costa Brava happens more or less the same, the problem is that you only need a car to get there and the weather is not as hot as in the islands. This means that it won’t be as empty as the islands, specially during the weekends. Costa Brava is not too far away from Barcelona (2 hours by car), but if you book a hotel, you can be the first one in the beach 🙂

Check the agenda for 2022!

  • There’s always something to do in Barcelona. From itinerary vintage markets to concerts and art expositions, if you already know the dates you will be here, do a research before coming, you may find a lot of interesting things to do while you are here! This is Barcelona official Agenda


What to do in the next months?

Check it out! 

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Hope you enjoy my local recommendation on What to do in Barcelona in August and see you next time in Gracia. Have fun!

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