Is Barcelona safe?


Hello travelers!
This is true, unfortunately Barcelona is FULL OF PICKPOCKETS. In the metro, in the bus, in crowded streets, pickpockets are there and you won’t even see them.

They are invisible. All of a sudden you realise your phone or your wallet is gone and you won’t have a clue when that happened. But here I am, to warn you, how to stay safe and beat insecurity.


Is Barcelona safe? It is!

Barcelona is super safe! Believe me, it is. But there are pickpockets everywhere. What does it mean? That you have to be careful with your phone & bag but there’s no violence. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll experience a dangerous situation.


How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona?

  • Keep your belongings always at your sight.
  • If you are traveling solo, don’t use a phone or camera with tripod.
  • Don’t put your bag or purse in the floor. Even if you think you’re watching it, pickpockets are super fast!
  • If you are carrying a bag or a purse, hold it to the front, specially in public transport and crowded areas.
  • Leave your passport in your hotel’s safe box. Bring an ID with you, or a photo of your passport in the phone.
  • Leave also a credit card and cash in your hotel in case you are robbed in the streets.
  • Don’t put anything valuable in your front pockets!
  • Be careful when you watch shows in the streets.


Where are the most dangerous areas in Barcelona?

  • Raval (specially at night)
  • Old city in general, where it’s full of tourists.
  • Ramblas
  • Metro stations (stay away from the doors)
  • In the bus
  • In the beach ( just bring the essentials, ask someone to watch your belongings if you go to the water)


Watch my video “Is Barcelona safe? Check how pickpockets act in Barcelona”

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