Barcelona Travel Guide [budget 2022]

The Ultimate Barcelona Travel Guide 2022

As a local living in Barcelona, there’s nothing you will miss from this Travel Guide, everything is covered. Go ahead and find out.



  1. Budget
  2. Transport
  3. Airport
  4. Accommodation
  5. Neighbourhoods
  6. Food & Drinks
  7. Sightseeing
  8. Festivals
  9. Weather

How much does visiting Barcelona cost?

Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in Spain but still one of the cheapest cities in Europe. It is a super walkable city. Compared to London or Paris for example. It’s easy to get everywhere by feet so I would like to start this post talking about Transportation.

Get around in Barcelona: Public transportation

We have a very good metro, bus & train service. It’s not complicated at all, so don’t be afraid of using public transportation. Google maps will really help you.

  • If you want to buy a single ride in Zone 1, which is actually where all the attractions are,  the price is 2,4€.
  • You can buy a 10trips-card or a 1day card from 11€. There are other options if you are staying for more days. You can watch my video about “What transport Card you should get”.
  • If you need to combine the metro and the bus or the train as well, in zone 1, we have a flat rate, it will count as only 1 trip.

Beyond Public Transportation, there are other options such as taxi:

  • Minimun ride is 7€.
  • My tip when you want to take a taxi in Barcelona is to download these 2 applications: Cabify or Free Now. Unfortunately we don’t have Uber. It’s super safe to use these apps, and they tell you how much it’s going to cost you. You can pay either by cash or by credit card. You can choose these options beforehand. You can see also the route where you are going so that the taxi driver doesn’t wander you around the city.

¿Car Renting in Barcelona?

NOT WORTHY AT ALL. There are no public parkings in the city centre. Paid parkings are not less than 25€ per day and driving in Barcelona is the worst idea of your holidays, so just erase that option from your mind. Unless you are using a car for a Day Trip from Barceona, there’s no need to rent a car. If so, go ahead and rent it in


How to get from/to Barcelona Airport from/to City Centre?

There are 4 ways to get from/to the city centre and viceversa:

  • Of course taxi is the easiest and most expensive (around 30/40€)
  • Then my favourite one: Aerobus, which price is 5,90€. It goes from Terminal 1 or 2 to Plaça Catalunya as the final stop. Check in the website all the stops in the maps.
  • The new metro line “L9” which is 4,9€. This trip is included in your Hola Barcelona Card for 1/2/3/4/5 Days Travel Cards.
  • And finally the train “R2” from Terminal 2 only, and pay special attention here because the ride is included in all travel cards.


Accommodation in Barcelona

  • You can get a shared room in a hostel from 15€.
  • A private room in a hostel or rent an entire flat through airbnb from 100€. All types of accommodation with or without kitchen, in case you want to cook rather than eating outside.
  • Be aware that the shared houses in Airbnb were forbidden in Barcelona this year 🙁
  • Search for the perfect accommodation in or to have an idea of prices. You can set your maximun. Many of them have free cancellation and sometimes breakfast is included.

I have a video about how to search for the “Perfect accommodation in Barcelona” . And depending the time of year you will pay for the same place very different prices.

  • From April to September/October is the high season.
  • December is low season however the prices go up again during Christmas and New Years.
  • Best time of the year to get better prices is from November to February.

Also the location may influence in the price. I have many tips on “how to save money in your accommodation in Barcelona”.



    Take a look at my Where to stay in Barcelona video to make sure you book the best possible accommodation, located in a central neighbourhood right next to a metro station.

  • Gothic & Born: Are quite the same, beautiful narrow streets, like a maze, with boutique shops, restaurants & cosy bars. Be aware of noise and make sure the building has elevator and air conditioning. These buildings are here since medieval times!
  • Raval: Similar to Gothic & Born but full of pickpockets!
  • Barceloneta: Tiny flats next to the most crowded beaches, be aware of noise! Next to great paella & seafood restaurants.
  • Eixample: My favourite neighbourhood in Barcelona, modern, quiet, full of restaurants & bars, many attractions arounds, perfect choice I would say. Super close to city centre (Plaça Catalunya)
  • Vila Olímpica: Modern flats, from 1992, super close to the beach, but also close to the discos and noise.
  • Poble Nou: A bit far away from city centre, quiet, family friendly, still a lot of restaurants and close to the best beaches in the city centre.
  • Sant Martí: Far away, not really beautiful, cheap prices.
  • Clot: It has some nice areas close to Sagrada Familia though it’s a bit far away from city centre.
  • El Carmel: Uphill, far away, quiet, cheap. Close to Park Güell.
  • Horta-Guinardo: Uphill, far away, quiet, cheap. Close to Park Güell & Bunkers.
  • Sant Andreu: Too far away!!!
  • Pedralbes: Expensive, modern, residential, far away.
  • Sarriá: Expensive, local vibe, beautiful cosy streets, far away.
  • Sant Gervasi: Quiet, next to Gracia.
  • Gracia: Beautiful bohemian area with charming streets & squares, local vibe, full of restaurants and bars. Be aware of noise! Next to Park Güell. Not too far away from City centre.
  • Les Corts: Far away, quiet, modern.
  • Sants: Far away, cheap, next to train station.
  • Montjuic: Too far away. Nice, next to Plaza España & Magic Fountain.
  • Poble Sec & Sant Antoni: It has some nice areas and it’s close to Raval. There are restaurants and bars. But be aware of pickpockets!

Best areas to stay in Barcelona according to:

  • Next to all attractions: Definitely walking distance from Plaça Catalunya, the heart of Barcelona. Eixample, my favourite neighborhood or Gothic & Born in the old city.
  • Cheap: El Raval, Poble Sec & Sant Antoni (not the safest areas), Sants, Clot, Sant Martí, El Carmel, Horta-Guinardo, Montjuic (All far from the city center)
  • Expensive: Next to Passeig de Gracia, Rambla de Catalunya, Balmes street, Diagonal Avenue, Enric Granados.
  • Quiet: Poble nou, Eixample, Les Corts, Sants, El Carmel, Horta-Guinardo
  • Loud: Barceloneta, Gothic, Born, Gracia, Vila Olimpica next to the beach.



I believe take aways are the cheapest options in Barcelona,  prices start from 6€/10€

  • Street food markets are not particularly cheap in BCN, they are fancy and cool.
  • Lunch menus start from 10/12/15
  • Good local restaurants start from 15/20/25
  • Really good ones from 30/40€ and up
  • Once in a life time experiences from 150€


What to Eat in Barcelona

Our traditional dishes in Spain include the famous

  • Tapas (small plates to share)
  • Pintxos ( bread + a topping and a stick)
  • Paella or Fideua (Rice/ Nuddles with a topping).

Tapas is not an entrance, it can be a main food. Pintxos are originally from the north of Spain and Paella is originally from Valencia. Also crema catalana & chocolate with churros are not to miss!

The best tapas to try are:

  • Jamon (ham)
  • Tortilla de Patatas
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Manchego cheese
  • Olives
  • Fried fish (calamares andaluza (squid), pulpo a la gallega (octopus) , chipirones (baby squid), boquerones (anchovies), gambas (praws) , mejillones (mussels) , almejas (clams), chocos (cuttlefish), bacalao (cod), navajas (razor clams)
  • Croquetas
  • Ensaladilla rusa
  • Pan con tomate
  • Huevos rotos
  • Cold meat: chistorra, longaniza, butifarra, sobrasada

Check the best restaurants by neighbourhood in my Barcelona Online Travel Guide


I’m gonna give you the prices for main Attractions:

  • Sagrada Familia from 20€ the basic entrance
  • Park Güell 10€ (used to be free)
  • Casa Mila or Pedrera/ Batlló/ Camp Nou from 25€
  • There are the Free Walking tours in which you only leave a tip to the guide, around 10/15€

And all the free things to do in Barcelona are here.



    First of all check if there are tickets available for Sagrada Familia in advance, the icon of Barcelona. Before COVID they were usually sold out for a couples of days.  Secret  from a local: Buy audioguide or guided tour & the nativity towers are beautiful but not the best view you’ll have in the city. Also try booking for a sunny day to enjoy the rays of sunlight through the inside glasses. The church has 2 façades, we love nativity one where instagrammers go! You can book the Instagram photoshoot in Barcelona with us here.


    Second tip, check if there are tickets available for Park Güell in advance, another Gaudi gem in Barcelona. Tickets are also sold online with a fixed time and day. Best way to get there is buy bus (24 or V19) or taxi. NOT BY METRO. Prepare your cameras, the place is amazing for a photoshoot! (book a photoshoot experience in Park Güell with us, here)


    Don’t forget to check in advance if there’s any event coming up in the city. We have almost every month amazing and super fun events in Barcelona. Check here all the things to do in Barcelona month by month

Download my Barcelona Online Travel Guide by neighborhood with everything you can’t miss and my favourite restaurants!


What to do in Barcelona by month? Festivals & Parties

  • January: Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men
  • February: 12th Santa Eulalia Festival/ Llum BCN/ Sitges Carnival
  • March: Rally Barcelona-Sitges
  • April: 23th Sant Jordi
  • May: Nit dels Museums/ Best Rose International Contest/ Primavera Sound/ 
  • June: Ou com Balla/ 24th San Juan/ Brunch in the park/ Festival Jardins Pedralbes/ Sonar/ Sopar amb Estrellas/ Gay pride
  • July: Magic Nights Batlló/ Festival Grec/ Cinema al aire libre/ Festival Cruilla
  • August: Festa Major Gracia
  • September: 11th Diada National Day of Cataluña/ 24th La Mercé
  • October: Open House 48hs
  • November: Christmas markets/ Christmas city lights
  • December: Vic Medieval Market/ 26th San Esteban 

Barcelona Weather & what to wear

  • Summer & high season: June to September – 20º to 35º

Hat, sunglasses, bikini, dresses, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and flip flops!

  • Spring mid season: March to June 6º to 20º

Cold in the mornings and nights, and sunny/hot during the day/afternoons, sometimes very hot. Some rain. Mostly unpredictable. T-shirts, sweaters, light jacket, shorts & jeans, sunglasses and a shawl.

  • Winter & Low season: December to March 7º to 15º

Cold and sunny everyday. Sweaters, coat, scarf, sunglasses, snickers, boots.

  • Autumn mid season: September to December 16º to 29º

Rather cold but sunny during the day. Some rain. Sweaters, Warm jacket, jeans, Sunglasses and a scarf.



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