How to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona


How to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre

A friend of mine said to me once, I’m going to Barcelona this weekend! I got a really cheap flight. I’ll go to Girona Airport.

Then he realised he needed a bus to get home 32€ (one way and return)

Girona is a medieval city in Spain, 100 kilometres away from Barcelona city centre. It’s popular because of Costa Brava and because of Game of Thrones 🙂

We have 4 means of transport for this trip:

  • Taxi, the most expensive way
  • Barcelona Bus, the best way
  • Train, only if you stay in Girona
  • Rent a car
How to get from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona City Centre by Pcikapictour


TAXI from Girona airport to Barcelona city centre.

Maybe more expensive that your flight, so I don’t recommend it.

Girona is almost 100 kilometres away, so a taxi can be around 150€!

How to get from Barcelona airport to Barcelona city centre by Pickapictour.

BARCELONA BUS or Sagalés from/to Girona from/to Barcelona City Centre

A one-way ticket bus, costs €16.00 and its around 1h/1h30min

I would recommend you to buy your ticket in advance to make sure you have a seat at the time your flight arrives to Girona.

The bus from Girona airport goes to Estaciò del Nord bus station in Barcelona. This is near Arc de Triomf, very central.

Barcelona bus Sagales Girona Airport


TRAIN from Girona City Centre to Barcelona City Centre

Even though there’s no direct train from Girona airport to Barcelona city centre, there is a train from Girona city centre.

Is it worthy? No. The train is far away from the airport, so you will need a taxi to get there.

BUT, if you want to stay in Girona for one day at least, you can stay there, sightsee and the next day you take the train to Barcelona city centre.

Regional trains from Girona to Barcelona (2 hours) High speed AVE (39 minutes) From 15/20€

Train Barcelona Girona

Rent a car from Girona to Barcelona city centre

If you want to rent a car, I always use

It’s ideal if you want to go around Girona & Costa Brava for some days. If this is just to go to Barcelona from the airport, I would go by bus, it’s just 1 hour away and it costs 15€.

Hope this has been useful for you!! Let me know your choice!


Why going to Girona Airport instead of Barcelona airport?

  • Because you want to explore Girona and Costa Brava as part of your trip.
  • Because it’s cheap (bus to Barcelona is 16€ one way, so it will have to be cheaper than that)


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