How to get from Reus Airport to Barcelona


How to get from Reus Airport to Barcelona City Centre

Reus is located in the province of Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain. Nowadays it is known for its commercial activity, for being a centre for rock-climbing and wine producer, as the birthplace of architect Antoni Gaudí. This airport offers flights from Irland and UK and it only operates in the summer months.

It’s only 8 km away from Tarragona and very close to beach resorts like Salou and Cambrils. It’s also super close to PortAventura theme park.

We have 4 means of transport for this trip:

  • Taxi, the most expensive way
  • By bus, the best way
  • Train, only from Reus centre
  • Rent a car
How to get from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona City Centre by Pcikapictour


TAXI from Reus airport to Barcelona city centre.

Again, like from Girona airport,  it can be more expensive that your flight, so I don’t recommend it.

Reus is almost 100 kilometres away from Barcelona city centre, so a taxi can be around 150€!

How to get from Barcelona airport to Barcelona city centre by Pickapictour.

Bus from/to Reus from/to Barcelona City Centre

Transfer from Reus Airport to Barcelona (Plaça Maria Cristina and Sants station) costs €16.00 and its around 2hours.

I would recommend you to buy your ticket in advance to make sure you have a seat at the time your flight arrives to Reus.

Check timetable here.


Reus Airport to Barcelona “Hispano Igualadita”

TRAIN from Reus City Centre to Barcelona City Centre

There’s no direct train from Reus airport to Barcelona city centre, there is a train from Reus city centre.

Is it worthy? Yes! A ride from REU Airport to Reus city center can take around 11 minutes.


Line 50: Reus Airport – Reus

Stops: RENFE station, Bus station, etc. It ends at Reus Aeroclub.

Fares: One-way ticket: €3.00.

Service hours: From 08:00 am, every hour from 09:05 am to 08:05 pm.  From 4 May to 27 September and on Easter week, the service runs until 11:05 pm.

Reus Airport to Reus Centre

Once you are there, you take the RENFE to Barcelona. The trip lasts around 2hours.


Train Barcelona Girona

Rent a car from Reus to Barcelona city centre

If you want to rent a car, I always use

I would only recommend a car if you have plans to stay in the beach for a while before going to Barcelona. The bus transfer from the Airport is the cheapest and easiest way.


Why going to Reus Airport instead of Barcelona airport?

  • Because you live in the UK or Ireland and you want to visit the beaches near Tarragona.
  • Because it’s cheap (bus to Barcelona is 16€ one way, so it will have to be cheaper than that)
  • Because you live in Tarragona 🙂

Hope this has been useful for you!! Let me know your choice!

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