Photography tours in Barcelona

Photography tours in Barcelona.

Here by yourself? Are you with your partner or someone with you who makes the best tag team? Are you with your family, with your friends or are you celebrating a very special occasion out here in Barcelona? Whatever the case, Pickapictour has got your back! With the option of both private and group tours take your photo shoot tour to explore and learn about the city with all the stories and places Pickapictour have to offer!

Photography tours Barcelona for solo travelers by Pickapictour.

Photography tours in Barcelona for a solo traveler

Solo traveling is great isn’t it? You can do what you want, whenever you want but it does get lonely sometimes, right? Pickapictour have two options for you, do you want to meet new people from around the world and get to know them, let them keep you company and maybe bump into them on your next travel? Because the shoot will give you just that! They will make you laugh and make you smile with the help of the photographer and you will have a great time! However, if this whole holiday was about being independent and spending some good quality time by yourself then there is also the option of the private tour. The private tour gives you 1-1 time with the photographer, she will make you giggle and smile from cheek to cheek and not only get to know you but give you the chance to get to know her too.

Photography tours Barcelona for families by Pickapictour.

Photography tours in Barcelona for a couple

Have you and your partner not got any recent pictures and when they try and take one they crop a forehead out or a foot who knows…. If you are looking for some professional pictures with some very eye-catching backgrounds and amazing stories to go with them this is where Pickapictour work their magic! Are you wanted some romantic pictures, looking into each other’s eyes, making each other laugh and capturing what your relationship is really about? Or are you away with your bestie and need some good pictures to put on Instagram? Or are you with a family member and want some pictures to show how much you loved the city and bring them back to your family? Don’t worry they’ve got you covered, whatever your relationship with the person your with can be captured, with Pickapictour not only do they tell stories but they capture them too! Again, there is two options for both a private tour or a group tour pick which one you prefer and off you go!

Photography tours Barcelona for families by Pickapictour.

Photography tours in Barcelona for a family

Are you away with your family, is there always one person who never gets in the photos because they want to take them instead, is your arm not long enough to get you all in the photo? Well that is why the professionals are here to help. Have you got someone really ticklish who never smiles, now here is your chance to do it! As a family you will get beautiful photographs capturing your best moments and your best laughs, whether your family are younger or as tall as you they will have you covered. Exploring the city, listening to stories, relaxing and having natural photographs capturing the happiness of your family will be a great way of cherishing your memories. You can have a private shoot or a group tour depending on what you prefer.

Photography tours Barcelona for families by Pickapictour.

Photography tours in Barcelona for friends

The say that when you have the best time with your bestest friends you never have pictures to prove it. This is the case with me, is it the same for you? If so why not book a photoshoot with Pickapictour you can get photographs taken with all of you, full length showing your outfits off, good lighting, good backgrounds, good laughs and no one telling you to delete the selfie because they aren’t in it or they look bad! You will all enjoy the stories and the pictures, with poses and giggles capturing exactly what your crazy friendship is all about. If you go on the group tour you will also meet new people you might want to add into your group for next time however if you want it to be a private shoot that is an option too.

Photography tours Barcelona for families by Pickapictour.

Photography tours in Barcelona for an occasion

Are you celebrating? Are you out here to have the time of your life, whether its for a hen party, an anniversary or anything else for that matter, Pickapictour will be a highlight of many in your holiday of celebrations. Do you want something to remember your amazing celebrations in Barcelona… Don’t go for a keyring go for a photoshoot with one of Pickapictours amazing photographers to have something you can keep forever!

Photography tours Barcelona for families by Pickapictour.
Photography tours Barcelona for couples by Pickapictour.
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