How to piss off the locals. What NOT to do in Barcelona.

Hello travelers! How are you?

Rather if you are coming to Barcelona for holidays or if you are living here, these are the 10 things you should do, well actually you shouldn’t do, if you don’t want a Barcelonés, a Catalán to get angry at you.

If you want to piss off the locals, these are the things we hate when you do them:

  • Get out of the way

If you are traveling by public transport, specially by metro, people tend to be in a hurry. Ee are late for everything! We are relaxed people indeed, and we tend to be late everywhere, so please get out of the way!

If you want to take the escalators, keep on the right side, people in a hurry remain on the left, move move move!

  • Be aware of the bikelines

If you want to ride a bike in Barcelona or a scooter, please use the bike lines and respect the lights. If there’s something we locals hate is that you ride the bike on the sidewalk, or that you walk on the bike lines. And pay attention because there are city lights that are exclusive for bikes!

  • Nudist beaches are not a tourist attraction

You probably know that in Barcelona we have many nudists beaches, some of them close to the city centre of Barcelona. If you don’t want to be naked, it’s ok, you go to that beach, but please, put your phones and cameras down. These people don’t want to be in your Barcelona photo album. I know this may be a shock for you, but this is pretty normal here, it’s not a zoo ok? It’s just people naked, do not take pictures.

  • Don’t be gross

Also, in the beach area, there’s something that will even make a local more angry, and this is the mess you leave in the beach after a picnic. If you are having a great time, drinking beer in the beach, eating something, whatever, please clean everything before you leave, this is so gross to find plastic bugs, cigarettes, cans of beer, etc in the sand, so disgusting.

  • Use headphones

And we can even add to the things we hate in Barcelona, the use of these loud speakers you bring. Loud music, in the beach, in the metro, is so unpleasant. Please use headphones. We don’t want to listen to your music!

  •  Noise in the streets

And taking about noise, the noise in the streets is so annoying for people trying to sleep at home, specially from Monday to Friday. We know you are on holidays, that you want to go out and drink, but please respect the neighbours. When you get out of a bar, please low the voice, people is trying to sleep!!!!

  • Respect the places

Solo traveller in Barcelona. Photo shoot by Pickapictour at Bunkers


There is this viewpoint on top of the mountain called Carmel bunkers.  It has a 360º view, with anything in the area, only some local houses. Tourists bring music, take bottles of wine, they make parties, and the locals, hate you guys. They even had to put police men in the area and they wanted to shut it down. We love this place, please take care of it!

  • Say Catalan is a useless language

In Spain people speak 6 languages: Castellano, which is the main language, that is spoken in the whole country as well as in Latinamerica. And then we have 5 other languages “Euskera, Valenciano, Gallego, Aranes and Catalan” that are only spoken in some regions. So if you come to Spain, to Barcelona, is it worth it to learn Catalan? Or is is better to learn Spanish?  If you arrive to the conclusion that Catalan is a useless language and Spanish is more practical, do not say this to a local.

  • Do not cheer for Spain

If you like soccer, if you love football, specially if you are a fan of the World Cup. Then do not cheer for Spain, In Barcelona. the Catalans, they do not follow the World Cup, they don’t care if Spain wins. Most of the people from Catalunya, they want to separate from Spain, and become a different country so when you come to Barcelona or Catalunya, they will only cheer for the Barça team.

  • Said you ate at mc Donald

And finally travelers, when you come to Barcelona, please don’t say you have eaten in Mc Donalds, KFC, Starbucks, etc. Food and drink are very important in the Mediterranean countries, it is an offend. Having to much to try, so many local & delicious stuff, Why do you just go to these places? Please if you have done so, we don’t want to hear it, just don’t tell us, we don’t wanna know.

  • Tourist go home

If you want a Catalan to be angry, just be a tourist! Hahahaha! Stay in an airbnb, make noise, make parties, be gross, get drunk… I’m sure the locals will love you! No, I’m kidding, I mean “be that kind of tourist, if you want a local to hate you”


Hope you guys, have now a better idea of what to do and what not to do, in order to piss off a local in Barcelona. I you have experienced any other thing, please share your story in the comments of this video.

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