Solo female traveler in Barcelona.

Are you here for a mini break away, to explore the beautiful city or is Barcelona a stop of many? Are you sick of taking selfies on your phone with a selfie stick and just want the perfect Instagram picture to prove you looked your best on your travels? I have the perfect solution! Pickapictour is the perfect place for solo female travellers in Barcelona like you!

Solo Female Traveler in Barcelona by Pickapictour.

Why is Pickapictour the best place for a solo female traveler in Barcelona?

Pickapictour is a company that has only female photographers so if you get shy easily, don’t worry these women will help you out! They will bring out the smiles and the giggles in you, for all your photographs with amazing backgrounds!

Solo Female Traveler in Barcelona by Pickapictour.

Pickapictour gives you the option to have a private tour where you are 1-1 with the photographer or a group tour (although you’re independent sometimes you do want a chat) where you share the time with others. Either way both are great, however if you like meeting new people from all different places and you are comfortable, the group tour is great way of meeting new friends. If you are more of a private person, a bit shy and less comfortable don’t worry that’s why the private tour is there!

Solo Female Traveler in Barcelona by Pickapictour.

Learning about the city being a solo female traveler in Barcelona

Do you like to know about the history of the city you visit? Pickapictour not only takes brilliant pictures of you but also gives you the chance to explore many parts of the city in Barcelona and gives you information along the way. Guided tours are perfect to explore the whole city. Strolling through the Gothic Quarters, El Born and other places depending on your tour, will show you all different and unique parts of Barcelona with some very interesting stories you might not have seen or known otherwise.

Solo Female Traveler in Barcelona by Pickapictour.

Tips for being a solo female traveler in Barcelona

  1. Always be aware of the main area you live in or the closest metro station. If you get lost you can ask someone where to go.
  2. Google maps will be your best friend
  3. Watch our videos and get all the necessary tips for your trip to Barcelona!
  4. The temperature in Barcelona is mostly sunny, but still watch my videos about what to wear in summer, spring & winter
  5. Learn basic Spanish so you can communicate with the locals but almost everybody working in tourism speaks English.
  6. Walk the city as much as possible and get lost!
  7. Some of the shops are not open on Sundays so be aware and get food or do shopping in advance.
  8. Leave the museums or interior attractions for cloudy or rainy days.
  9. If you are having a tour with Pickapictour get your smile on, relax and have fun. They’re always the best photos!
  10. Be sociable and meet new people in tours.
Solo Female Traveler in Barcelona by Pickapictour.

My favourite place being a solo female traveler in Barcelona

Looking through all the places we go to on my tour, my favourite place was a very special street in El born, the street has automatic lights to make the shoppers and locals aware of everything available on the street, the stars connected to the lights are all beautifully handmade by the shop owners adding their own spin to their special street. But who knows you might find something even better and something that catches your eye more! So why not have a walk around, explore the city and discover amazing streets for yourself!

To explore this all and more book a shoot with Pickapictour!

Solo Female Traveler in Barcelona by Pickapictour.
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