Traveling alone in Barcelona

Traveling alone in Barcelona. Photo shoot at Bunkers by Pickapictour.

Traveling alone in Barcelona. Model photoshoot!

Sometimes the feeling that everything is under control some months ahead, such us hotels, flights, itinerary, etc. can definitely make you feel more confident if you travel solo to Barcelona. Whether you are a women traveling alone or a boy, if you trip includes our beloved Barcelona, for sure we can help you to get the most out of your trip. Here in our blog you will find the best tips on what to do in Barcelona, what to see, where to go and how to meet other solo travelers.

Traveling alone in Barcelona. Photo shoot in Gothic Quarter by Pickapictour.

Benefits about traveling to Barcelona alone

There are definitely benefits when you solo travel in Barcelona. You can do whatever you want, at your own pace. Want to spend a few hours in that neighbourhood? Well, you can! Want to wake up late or super early? go ahead! Want to become a model for a day? Join our photoshoot tours for solo travellers in Barcelona!

Traveling alone in Barcelona. Photo shoot in Born by Pickapictour.

Book a photoshoot tour and become a model in Barcelona!

Forget about selfie sticks and join the most fun photo tours in Barcelona with our local photographers. You will get the chance to meet local people and learn about the city. The best souvenir in town without having to ask people for pictures all the time! Best thing to do in Barcelona for solo travel!

TRaveling alone in Barcelona. Photo shoot in Sagrada Familia by Pickapictour.

Best locations for a model photoshoot in Barcelona if you travel solo

We will visit Barcelona old city and we will get lost in its narrow streets. Secret corners and hidden gems are what we love for pictures! Come with Pickapictour and find the places you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. Let’s discover together the best places to visit in Barcelona, including main Barcelona attractions. It is a super safe city so do not be afraid of walking on your own. Just be aware of pickpockets in crowded places such us metro & train stations and that’s it!

Traveling alone in Barcelona. Photo shoot in Park Güell by Pickapictour.

Get the best pictures with a model photo shoot in Barcelona!

Be able to fill your social media with our pictures. As instagrammers ourselves, we will capture your best version with incredible backgrounds. We love candid shoots! Be sure we’ll make you feel super confortable and confident in front of the camera. Get real local tips, get the history behind the spots we visit and also be able to meet travelers!

Traveling alone in Barcelona. Photo shoot by Pickapictour.

Hope I have encouraged you to live this adventure you are about to start. Barcelona is one of the best places to travel alone. Feel like a super star and get amazing vacation photos with our photographers in Barcelona!

Solo traveller in Barcelona. Photo shoot by Pickapictour at Bunkers