What to do in Barcelona in February?

What to do in Barcelona in February?

Hey travelers! If you happen to be in Barcelona in February, keep and eye out for the Feast of Santa Eulàlia.  My favourite celebrations include two of the most breathtaking Catalan traditions: the Human Towers (Castellers) & the Fireruns (Correfocs).

What to do in Barcelona in February? Castellers by Pickapictour.

Why visit Barcelona in February?

Temperature & weather in Barcelona during Winter.

Being able to see the streets of Barcelona less crowded than it is in Summer is pretty cool. The prices of accommodation & flights can also be quite low which is a huge plus and these can be great reasons for visiting Barcelona in Winter. With bright sunshine nearly every day, Barcelona is a great place to visit during Winter. We have sunrise at 8am and sunset at 6pm, allowing you to enjoy beautiful long sunny days in the Winter. Let’s say temperature goes from 8º to 15º (46 to 59 Fahrenheit).

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Top things to see in Barcelona during February

On the subject of Winter, Barcelona’s Winter festival is celebrated every year around February in squares and streets throughout the old city. This can definitely be another of the reasons for you to come to Barcelona during February. The streets are filled with festive tradition such us giants, devils, dancers, dragons, fireworks and human towers.

The Santa Eulalia festival usually lasts for 4 days. There’s a huge activity program you can download here. We highly recommend some celebrations that shouldn’t be missed because they are really astonishing. And when we say astonishing, they truly are – prepare your cameras and keep reading!

Cool things not to miss in Barcelona in February: Correfocs & Castellers.

There is an absolutely crazy tradition called the Fire-runs (Correfocs in Catalán). The sound of the drums beating loudly out in the streets, give place to the parade of fireworks. But not the usual fireworks you may be imagining. Check it out in my youtube Video!

What to do in Barcelona in February? Correfocs by Pickapictour.

The Festival of Fire is one of the most exciting events on the Santa Eulàlia festival programme, but it is important to take great care while enjoying the event. If you are thinking about taking part, remember the fire-run is great fun, but it can be dangerous. You must wear a hat, a scarf, and long-sleeved clothes and long trousers. Your clothes should be made of cotton, not synthetic materials. And wear comfortable footwear so that you can run when necessary. You should not throw water during the fire-run. It us important to be particularly careful if you are with children, and keep them at a safe distance from the fire. Remember that there is also a fire-run especially for young people where the flames are not so intense.

What to do in Barcelona in February? Correfocs by Pickapictour.

•We mentioned that the Fire-runs were dangerous, well, wait until you see the Human Towers, the Castles. A Castle is a human tower with several floors built by people. In a castle a large group of men and women of all ages and physical complexions train throughout the year. The base is where the thickness of the people is, to give support to the castle, like a human cushion. Strength, Balance, Courage and Sanity are the main characteristics of a Casteller and of course, trust. Especially for the small children that will have to climb to the top and raise their arm without the castle falling apart. When we say small children, we are referring to children around 5 years old. What’s more thrilling? Only three fatal accidents are known, that is why the use of the helmet is compulsory.

What to do in Barcelona in February? Castellers by Pickapictour.

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What to do in Barcelona in February? By Pickapictour.


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